我们在im体育APP的目的是 “让明天比今天更安全”. 环境、社会 and 治理 (ESG) responsibility are core to how we bring this purpose to life. 在im体育APP, 我们相信,议会im体育平台app下载可以发挥重大作用, 和有意义, 在环境可持续性方面发挥领导作用, 与世界各地的客户合作. 我们是领跑者. 

被公认为im体育平台app下载领导者 Sustainalytics, a global leader in ESG research and rating, we have the highest rating of any major TIC player. 在Sustainalytics评选的15000多家公司中,我们位列前1%. 

“作为一家以目标为核心的企业, 我们为多年来建立的强大的ESG框架感到自豪, which supported our achievement of this rating and our leadership on this critical issue.”




The environmental commitments around emissions form a critical part of our longer-term ESG plans. 主要目标包括:



2019年,im体育APP的碳基线为103千万吨二氧化碳当量,相当于15千万吨二氧化碳当量.1 TCO2e/ FTE和0.每一美元收入产生13吨二氧化碳当量.


在世界各地,我们都在努力减少对环境的影响 aiming to migrate 100% of global electricity us年龄 to renewable energy contracts, as well as trialling electric vehicles and working throughout our supply chain to reduce our impact.


im体育APP全球30%的电力来自可再生能源, and we will continue to migrate towards renewable energy contracts for all electricity us年龄.


我们正在整个公司的物业上安装太阳能电池板, 包括阿拉伯联合酋长国的实验室.


We are currently exploring electric vehicle options in the UK with the goal of transitioning our vehicles to reduce our scope 1 emissions.


我们关心我们对我们的员工和我们所在的社区的影响. 我们一直在努力使im体育APP成为一个更加多元化、包容和公平的公司. 我们的 diversity makes us stronger and more able to make a positive difference in our local communities and to the broader society we are a part of.


Building a more diverse and inclusive culture is all about building trust and being genuine. 这也是关于充分利用我们多样化的思维方式, 经验, 我们来自不同的文化和背景. 我们已经启动了几个同事资源网络(涉及种族平等), 残疾的资源, LGBT+ and Women in Business) and we provide targeted training combatting 'unconscious bias' for our leaders.


为每个人创造一个更安全的世界是我们的宗旨. 这要从我们的人民开始, safety is our number one priority and we have implemented a leading-edge safety programme across all operations.


Within im体育APP we can all bring our purpose and values to life both at work and outside of work. We offer all colleagues 12 hours of volunteering leave each year to support their local communities. This is a positive impact in our local communities but can also provide opportunities for personal and professional growth for us as individuals. 回馈社会会让我们为自己的支持感到自豪, 并成为其中的一部分, 我们所在的社区. 



我们的 commitment to integrity ensures that consistently high standards are maintained across the Group. We have the necessary governance and organizational structures in place to provide appropriate levels of oversight in audits, 风险管理和潜在利益冲突.


im体育APP的成员 互动电视委员会, 代表独立检测的国际协会, 检验认证公司. im体育APP于2020年10月1日获接纳为议会理事会成员. Members of the 互动电视委员会 must implement and abide by the 互动电视委员会 Compliance Code (First edition) issued by the 互动电视委员会 in December 2018.

im体育APP is committed to meeting the obligations that are laid down by the 互动电视委员会 and our Compliance Program reflects the requirements of the 互动电视委员会 Compliance Code:

  • 完整性 – to 在所有活动中以专业、独立和公正的态度行事.
  • 利益冲突 – 避免实际的、潜在的或感知到的利益冲突. 
  • 保密及资料保护  尊重客户信息的保密性和隐私性. 
  • 反贿赂 - a zero tolerance approach to bribery and 腐败 in all business dealings and relationships.
  • 竞争与公平商业行为 遵守所有有关公平竞争、反垄断和招标的规定.
  • 健康与安全 -保护同事、客户和第三方的健康和安全.
  • 公平劳动 -对工作场所的虐待、欺凌或骚扰采取零容忍态度. 工作场所机会均等, compliance with minimum w年龄 legislation and prohibition of forced and compulsory labour.

im体育APP已经建立了广泛的策略, procedures and guidelines which set out how we operate - what is expected of our people, 以及他们能从im体育APP得到什么回报. 定期更新并定期与同事沟通. The principal policies, procedures and guidelines have been brought together in an overarching 行为准则, which reflects our commitment to conducting business with honesty and integrity wherever we operate.

im体育APP is committed to ensuring that our people are treated in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the UN Global Compact’s ten principles. 我们力求禁止强迫, 强制和未成年劳工以及任何形式的种族歧视, 性别, 宗教, 年龄, 残疾, 集体谈判权:集体谈判或政治归属的权利.  我们的 现代奴隶制政策 states that im体育APP has a zero tolerance approach to 现代奴隶制度 and that the following principles apply to our business and supply chain:

  • 不得使用童工;
  • 不得使用任何形式的强迫、强制劳动;
  • 护照, visas and other personal documentation should not be taken from employees unless requested to be held by the employee for safekeeping purposes;
  • 禁止一切形式的债务奴役;
  • 补偿和福利必须符合当地有关最低工资的法律, overtime hours and other benefits; and
  • the formation of trade unions and powers of collective bargaining should be respected. 

根据2015年现代奴隶制法案的要求,im体育APP出版了一份 现代奴隶制透明度声明 which sets out our approach to preventing 现代奴隶制度 within im体育APP's business and supply chain.

im体育APP is committed to conducting business to the highest possible ethical and business standards. 因此,我们通过了 供应商行为准则 制定我们期望供应商遵守的行为和原则. 商品和服务的供应商, 承包商, 合资伙伴, 咨询顾问, advisers and all other third parties eng年龄d by im体育APP are expected to adhere to the principles set out in this 供应商行为准则 and are encour年龄d to develop their own codes, policies and procedures to adhere to the principles of this 供应商行为准则.

我们提供保密举报人服务, 哪个是由专业的第三方供应商管理的, 在我们的全球业务中, 给所有同事和第三方提出关注的机会. 这项服务包括一条电话热线, email and web-based reporting facility and is available in relevant langu年龄s in all countries in which im体育APP has a presence.   此服务可用于举报欺诈、贿赂等不法行为 & 腐败, 歧视, 欺凌或骚扰, 供应商劳动实践, 现代奴隶制度, 逃税, 违反竞争法, 健康, 安全、质量问题和环境问题. 任何举报报告都会得到适当的审查和调查.

Section 172 of the Companies Act 2006 (the “Act”) sets out the directors’ duty to promote the success of the company. In accordance with the Act and the Companies (Miscellaneous Reporting) Regulations 2018, qualifying companies are required to include a statement in the strategic report of their annual report and accounts which describes how their directors have had regard to the matters set out in section 172 of the Act (the “第172节陈述”).

The 第172节陈述 of im体育APP Materials 技术 Group Limited and its subsidiaries that also meet the qualifying criteria to publish a 第172节陈述 can be found below.


im体育APP材料科技集团有限公司- 2020财政年度

2020年年报和合并财务报表第27页 (查看PDF 存档于公司注册处)


Warringtonfire测试及认证有限公司- 2019财政年度

2019年年报及财务报表第2页(查看PDF 存档于公司注册处) 


im体育APP Materials 技术 环境 UK Limited - 2020财政年度

2020年年报及财务报表第4页(查看PDF 存档于公司注册处)

To contact the Group Legal team at im体育APP in relation to any governance or integrity  matter, 请联系 ethics@maymaxshop.com

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