Enabling faster 全球市场准入

im体育APP's testing and certification services enable faster 全球市场准入 to those manufacturers of mobile and smart devices, where connectivity and interoperability is key to their successful launch and adoption worldwide.

Our agile team of experts are fully equipped technically, operationally and geographically to make certain that our customers' products are always safe, compliant and fit for purpose. 

We are a world leader in the testing, 检查, and certification of a diverse range of technologies from consumer electronics like simple sensors, smartphones and wearables; to medical devices, 自治, 租的车, connected robots and factory devices. im体育APP works daily with technology manufacturers to make the Internet of Things (IoT) 日益严峻的现实.

Located in 17 laboratories in the USA, UK, 德国, 中国, 韩国, 和日本, 我们的团队超过1人,200 技术 experts are leaders in this highly specialist field.

Everything we do is designed to ensure that this rapidly expanding and diverse range of technologies meets all relevant, internationally recognized connectivity and interoperability standards, 这样他们就安全了, compliant and fit for purpose.

Smart experts for smart technology

To learn more about how we can support you throughout the whole product life-cycle of your connected devices, 请今天im体育APP. 

Watch our Connected Tech industry update with experts Steve Hayes and Michael Derby.

Full 产品 Life-Cycle Support

im体育APP is your testing partner throughout the whole product life-cycle of your connected devices. 

Connected Technologies  咨询服务

Helping you determine the applicable directives, 技术标准, and conformity assessment procedures.

Connected Technologies  测试 Services

From EMC and safety to IoT, cellular and Matter testing, our services ensure connectivity, interoperability and safety.

Connected Technologies 认证 Services

Ensuring your connected devices can be marketed worldwide by obtaining the necessary compliance and certification.

Connected Technologies GMA Services
Global Market Access (GMA)

Helping you navigate the complex regulations to enable you to reach international markets quickly.


Learn about the diverse range of sectors we serve in the 技术 world.

Mobile and Cellular Devices

Mobile and Cellular Devices

Find out how im体育APP tests a diverse range of mobile and cellular devices for use across the world



Find out how im体育APP supports the testing and certification of consumer electronics products to the global market.



Find out how im体育APP helps device manufacturers to navigate the complex path to technical and commercial compliance within the emerging global IoT sector.


Telecommunications Regulatory Services

We support telecoms companies from the initial product design phase through testing and approval of telecoms components.

Connected Technologies - Medical


Find out how im体育APP tests and certifies wirelessly connected diagnostics, treatment and aftercare devices within the Medical sector

Connected Technologies 汽车


Find out how im体育APP helps 汽车 OEM's with their electrification and 自治 vehicle challenges.




Our team of 从事专家 can help you understand the various regulatory requirements and reduce the test burden by comparing the various standards and producing compliance strategies that fulfill the brief of ‘test once, 许多人都同意。”.



im体育APP works with Chipset Vendors though to those integrating radio modules to enable them to deliver their wireless and radio products to market.



Find out how im体育APP delivers electromagnetic compatibility testing (EMC) solutions to RTCA/DO-160, MIL-STD-461 and Def-Stan 59-411 standards.


Electrical 安全测试 and 认证

Discover how im体育APP combines its range of electrical testing with EMC, radio, wireless and IoT compatibility services to get your products to market faster.

Matter Smart Home Standard

Matter Smart Home Standard

im体育APP offers certification to the Matter smart home standard. Our experts are one of the few test and certification laboratories globally to offer guidance and testing.

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Global Market Access (GMA)

im体育APP works as your Global Market Access service partner to help you navigate complex regulations and get your products to market quickly and efficiently.


从R&D到现实 Smart experts for smart technology