Remote Witness Testing is used in the Energy, Aerospace, Product Testing, and Transportation sectors to allow multiple customers to remotely watch or ‘witness’ testing on your product, component, or material.

Remote witness testing can be performed on any test conducted in a laboratory setting. It provides the opportunity for an engineer or quality inspector to ensure that inspections are following standards and contract requirements. 

Testing is witnessed in real-time and inspected after the test has been performed. Element uses technology that has been developed to ensure that security standards for ITAR, Export Controlled EAR, EU Dual-use, or Military and Canadian Controlled Goods are adhered to.

Advantages of remote witness testing

  • Increased privacy and security - Remote witness testing allows for increased privacy; customers can only view their sample(s); therefore, the intellectual property of products is preserved.
  • Increased productivity - Engineers, experts, and quality inspectors can watch the testing remotely, travel can be avoided, and health and safety talks when visiting the laboratory are reduced. 
  • Health and safety compliance - Personnel visiting Element can avoid health and safety risks, such as noise in the workplace, and heavy machinery. 
  • Access to global experts - Remote testing also allows customers from various countries to access our experts from around the globe. They can conduct and advise on sophisticated testing and assist with training where necessary.

The Element advantage

Element’s experts are on hand and ready to consult on all of your upcoming projects and testing needs. We are always at the forefront of emerging technologies to ensure the integrity and quality of your materials. If you have any questions on remote witness testing, please contact us today.


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